Software and Support Services

Within Pacifica Group Ltd, we own and operate a standalone software development business. This business provides software solutions to the service management industry.

We provide full end to end services including project management, process mapping, procedure engineering, 24/7 support and tailored software solutions to deliver expected outcomes on budget and on time.

Our primary market is within the UK, however our global presence is expanding. Our chosen fields are both horizontal and vertical service sectors:

  • Service management systems.
  • Multisite FMCG retail including high street presence.
  • Supply chain and stock integration and management.
  • Field based workforce stock and job management on iPhone and Android.
  • Insurance product, pricing and on-line procurement.
  • Insurance claims management, from FNOL to policy holder settlement.
  • Customer and client communication systems.

Our expert capabilities also include designing and implementing business critical management information from dash boarding, data warehousing to data analysis. We also provide a unified communication platform covering bi-directional text, instant messaging, email and online portals.

Our flagship application branded ‘Complete Service’ has a 15 year pedigree in service management. This platform forms the heart of our product range administering service and repair businesses from large manufacturer’s service departments to single purpose service businesses. Complete Service provides efficiencies in field engineer enterprises including scheduling, optimised routes, rebooking from site, van stock management, data collection and online part identification and ordering.

Our retail facing system creates a managed environment for retail items being returned by the customer for one of the UK’s largest retailers. It provides the business rules, soft service advice, workflow procedures, supply chain integration and management for over 70,000 different products.

Our retailer software solutions provides seamless end to end procedural management from guiding the sales advisor to repair the product or offer a refund, to notifying the courier to collect the product and take it back to the manufacturer. There is end to end visibility of repair tracking including ensuring the product has been re-delivered back to the shop or store and automatic notification for the customer that the product is ready for collection.

Complete Service also provides sophisticated and detailed product insight via dashboard reporting, specifically built for product buyers to understand the performance of each product. This includes product and component failure, epidemic failure analysis, actual quality levels (AQL), spare part usage plus much more. This empowers the buyer to make informed decisions about buying strategies, manufacturer recourse and spare part commercial arrangements.

Software and Support Excellence

  • Tangible evidence of surpassing clients expectations
  • Rigorous approach to project delivery; budget, timelines and accuracy
  • On-going support and strategic analysis
  • Dedicated project leader
  • Significant reduction cost leakage

Software and Support Expertise

  • Significant bottom line savings
  • Significant customer experience and NPS improvement
  • Reduction in customer complaints
  • Negligible business interruption
  • Reduction in resource costs
  • Improvement in business agility


We would be delighted to discuss what we do in more detail, so please contact us to discuss.