Why us

Pacifica Group is already trusted by some of the UK’s biggest brands. This is because we work hard to add value to their businesses. We also work hard to innovate our propositions in order to continually deliver superior solutions aligned to our client’s needs and demands.


One of our core values is 'We are Experts', we believe in this value because a lot of what we do can be complex and technical. This is demonstrated in our investment to build the UK's largest employed independent engineering field force. The level of technical skills and service delivery standards can, in our opinion only be truly market leading if the engineers are direct employees.

There is no other business in our markets which can provide a seamless end to end suite of client centric solutions under one roof. This is the result of significant investment over many years which has created a truly unique business model.

trusted by some of the UK’s biggest brands

So what does seamless end to end mean?

  • UK based 24/7 call centres (x2 for resilience)
  • Claim handlers & desk top engineers
  • Field force with owned van fleet
  • Spare parts distribution centres
  • Product replacement experts
  • Software business
  • Repair and refurbishment centres
  • Product testing and fraud assessment experts
  • Regulated insurance intermediary